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Spend some quiet time meditating in our peaceful garden after a busy day exploring the battlefields in the history-rich area of Ladysmith, or sip a sun-downer while reliving your experiences. Augustine Avenue B&B is situated in a tranquil area of Ladysmith. Our beautifully decorated rooms offer air conditioning, fridge and television. We also offer services such as air bookings, transfers and both local and international tour packages. If you’re looking for things to do in Ladysmith, we’re able to offer the following activities..................................................................More

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Resting in the foothills of the mighty Drakensberg on the quiet open flood plains of the tempestuous Klip River lies Ladysmith and its small neigbouring towns of Colenso & Van Reenen. In the past century and a half, these places have witnessed various struggles and are surrounded by the mysteries and ghosts of times gone by. Screams of man and beast – gunfire and clanking metal invaded the tranquility - setting the course for the birth of a new South Africa. Ladysmith & Colenso are historic and cultural gems, offering unique, different and refreshing experiences. Ladysmith and Colenso's claim to fame has always been a rich historic heritage with literally hundreds of historical sites.
A vibrant and friendly town, Ladysmith, is the 'capital' of the Uthukela District and home of world famous superstars, Ladysmith Black Mambazo. A visit to our area is not complete without a stopover at the Siege Museum and Cultural Centre in Ladysmith, which houses stunning exhibitions on Ladysmith Black Mambazo and the Drakensberg Boys' Choir.
A must see in Colenso is the R E Stevenson Museum, St Henry’s Catholic Church and several Military Cemeteries close by as well as the site where the British Army suffered a humiliating defeat when they lost 10 of their 12 guns to the Boer forces during the Battle of Colenso. The spot where Churchill was captured is only a short distance from Colenso.
The village of Van Reenen is probably famous for its treacherous pass and has several charming attractions such as the Little Church and the Green Lantern Inn. The village of Van Reenen is probably famous for its treacherous pass and has several charming attractions such as the Little Church and the Green Lantern Inn.
In 1849 the town was a “well adapted village” and on 20 June 1850 it was officially proclaimed a township. It was named after the Spanish wife of Sir Harry Smith , Lady Juana Maria de los Dolores de Leon. The railway was established in 1886 making Ladysmith an important stopover between the Witwatersrand and Durban harbour. October 1899 marked the beginning of the Anglo Boer War. Ladysmith was to be the key point in the struggle for Natal. For 118 days Boer forces besieged the town. The siege plunged Ladysmith into newspaper headlines worldwide. General George White VC was in command of the British forces in Ladysmith. Water supplies and communication lines were cut, health conditions deteriorated rapidly causing many deaths, mainly as a result of enteric fever and other diseases.

The post war period saw Ladysmith growing steadily. Farmers had to start all over. The road to success was slow as the town and area was struck with floods and draught. The worst snowstorm ever struck Ladysmith in 1924 with the main street covered in half a metre of snow. By the late 1920's the town was providing mostly for the needs of its farming community. During the Great Depression of the 30's people flocked to the town to make a living. In the mid 1950's the railways again took the lead and the town prospered due to the large railway staff which provided a constant spending power.

The effects of Apartheid through the Group Areas Act, hit the town hard in the 1960’s as Indian businessmen were forced out of the central business area. Shops remained empty for years to come. Since the early 1980’s the town boomed with industrial investment at Ezaheni. The first democratic Local Government came into place during 1995, combining the towns of Ladysmith, Steadville and Ezakheni. The year 2000 saw new municipal demarcations which increased Ladysmith’s district. It stretches from Van Reenen in the north to Colenso in the south. The N3 forms the western boundary and Fort Mistake the eastern boundary. Ladysmith is a friendly, peaceful town, and being the largest in the area, it serves as major shopping centre for the surrounding smaller towns such as Colenso, Bergville and Winterton.

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KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields Attractions

Where brave soldiers fell and widows wept,
A land where Shaka’s mighty Zulu warriors once reigned supreme,
Until they cross swords with soldiers of the Queen.
Legends they were, some stood out from the rest
Churchill, Gandhi and Dingaan are the ones we know best
Come, relive the past and if you want to explore,
Rest assured it’s not just battlesites, blood and gore.
On horseback or foot, traverse scenic, historic mountains,
Shake off your worries at game reserves and warm mineral fountains.
Visit living museums and all sorts of craft making ventures.
In luxury lodges or quaint country places
At log fires, farm stalls and cosy pubs you’ll meet many new faces
Amidst the now tranquil hills where Zulu, Boer and Brit once fought.
The Battlefields Route is nearer than you thought

Witness to decisive events in the annals of three imperious, yet vastly disparate nations, our Kingdom of the Zulu's easily accessible Battlefields exude power and unmistakable presence...infusing the visitor with an inescapable sense of momentous occasion.

Rorkes Drift Museum the site of the hospital where the famous battle took place.
It was among the picturesque hills and rock formations of this sweeping landscape that fearless, spear-wielding foot soldiers of the all-conquering Zulu kings first encountered the rampant British Empire's sophisticated fire- power... and where each faced the unfamiliar guerilla-warfare tactics of the Boer - descendants of the west European settlers who five generations earlier had claimed divine right to this 'Promised Land'.

Prophetically, the Zulu also believed the bountiful terrain between fabled Drakensberg Mountains and golden Indian Ocean beaches to be their own 'Heaven on Earth'.........................More

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